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Marine 31 Vinyl Cleaner And Conditioner 32 oz.

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Marine 31 Vinyl Cleaner And Conditioner
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Keeps all vinyl surfaces looking and feeling new!

Marine 31 Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner gently cleans and protects all marine vinyl surfaces in one simple step. Gentle cleaners remove ground-in dirt and grime while Ciba Tinuvin UV Inhibitors protect against harmful UV rays to prevent cracking and fading. Vinyl surfaces will retain their color and texture when regularly treated. Water-based formula ensures the surface isn't left sticky or greasy.

It's a fact: there isn't one person that would rather spend time tending to their boat's vinyl surfaces instead of piloting it out on the open water. The folks at Marine 31 feel the same way which is why they formulated a product that cleans and protects vinyl surfaces in one simple step. Say goodbye to multiple cleaners and protectants and say hello to Marine 31 Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner!

The sun's ultra-violet rays take a toll on your boat's plastic, rubber and vinyl components, often leaving them dry, cracked and faded. While most UV protectants claim to provide durable protection, the fact of the matter is if they don't contain Ciba Tinuvin UV Inhibitors  the most advanced and effective UV protectant  they aren't doing much to prevent cracking and fading of vinyl surfaces. Marine 31 Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner is formulated using the highest amount of Ciba Tinuvin UV Inhibitors available in a vinyl protectant.

Marine 31 Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner breaks the mold of traditional one-step products by providing the benefits of two separate products  a cleaner and a protectant. Marine 31 Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner is capable of removing ground-in dirt, stains, body oils, food spills and more. While it's hard at work releasing grease and grime the Ciba Tinuvin UV Inhibitors are being absorbed into the surface, providing long-lasting protection against the outside elements.

Marine 31 Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner is harbor-safe and eco-friendly.


Marine 31 Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner cleans and protects in one simple step!

  1. Shake well. Do not apply to surfaces where grip is of concern.
  2. Spray a light mist directly onto the surface or onto a microfiber towel.
  3. Gently massage the product into the surface until soiling is removed.
  4. Flip the towel to a clean side and lightly buff the area.
  5. For maximum protection, apply a second coat and allow to penetrate for 5 minutes before removing any excess.
  6. Heavily soiled surfaces may require scrubbing. We recommend using the Tampico Upholstery Brush.